• Planet is a leading company specialized in network technology based on Power Line Communication.
    Planet has been a leader in network technology industry based on Power Line Communication since the establishment in December 1998. Planet supplied home network system over 300 thousands households including Trump World Series and Tower Palace, which are he top class Land Mark apartments in Korea. And also 15 network appliances developed with LG and Samsung Electronics has been supplied to the market. In addition Planet with LS Industrial System provided AMR System to KEPCO and Aircraft Aeromechanic Guide System to Jeju and Gimpo Airport where safety is top priority.
  • Planet is a leading company in the field of LED Lighting IoT biz in Korea as well.
    Incheon Bridge which is the longest and biggest one in Korea, is fully operated by Planet’s Streetlight Management System and one of the most famous land mark in Seoul, Sang Am DMC is also monitored and managed by Planet LED Lighting Management Solution. Along with these achievements and experience Planet will be the world class IoT solution and products creator in LED Lighting biz field as well.
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Management Philosophy

  • Corporate Transparency
    Only a transparent company can grow up as a 100-year enterprise with social responsibility and obligation. As a Global Standard company, Planet will achieve its 100-year corporate dream with a transparent entrepreneurship.
  • Customer Centered
    By providing a step ahead of the service that customers can be impressed with, Planet will be an encouraged and loved company by customers.
  • Human Management
    No one makes an idea to be a reality by his skills alone. Only a passion based on the skills can make our hope to be a reality. Planet will be a Global Number One in the field of Lighting IoT with our passionate talent.
  • Human Prosperity
    Planet exists to achieve the dream of national development and human prosperity with the technology and service that Planet has.

CI of Planet

  • 로고의 의미
  • Meaning of CI
    Planet is meaning that Planet’s Lighting Advanced NETwork to provide Lighting IoT service.

  • IoT Device

    Keyword of the Global Success in Lighting IoT biz field!

    Lighting IoT, Anydim, based on the sheer technologies, gives world class Lighting IoT service to customer.

    • IoT 스위치
    • IoT 플러그

    LED Lighting

    Low cost, but high quality LED Lighting

    Planet has focused on the low cost product, but which is high quality Led lighting.

    • 트윈 투광등
    • 원형 투광등

    LED Lighting Converter

    LED lighting converter for the new lighting service

    Anydim LED lighting converter is differ to the others. It can give new lighting services to the users.

    • 다우 컬러체인지 라벨
    • 젬 컬러체인지 라벨

    Welcome to PLANET

    • Company Address The 4th Floor, Saewon B/D, 6 Chuding-ro 91Beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-Do, 11777 KOREA
    • Telephone Number TEL. +82-70-8677-5438 / FAX. +82-31-510-7851

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    Anydim Technologies of Planet

    World class lighting IoT service technologies on video providing by Planet.